Piano For All Review

Reviewer:  Andy Penbram
Website Reviewed: Piano for All – Teach myself to play the piano

This is one of my favourite home study piano programs. Teach yourself to play the piano with this course. It is not as slick looking as some of its competitors (Rocket Piano) but it has its own special character and on the whole I really like the way that the whole course is planned to guide the student through the learning process.

What You Get
The course consists of Ten hefty work books in a printable pdf format, 200 video lessons and 500 audio lessons. No fancy software here but the lessons are top quality and extremely well planned out.

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The Unique Learning Process
This course is a little different from the others in that it teaches you how to play by ear, how to use chord charts and how to read music all at the same time right from the absolute basic level.

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The Books
The first book is called Party Time – Rhythm Style Piano. This starts you off assuming you have no musical knowledge at all and have never touched a piano before. It teaches you how to find the notes on the keyboards, and by means of simple diagrams it shows you how to place your fingers and has you playing simple melodies straight away. It then shows you how to recognise the notes you have learned on the musical staff. Then as you advance you get shown some chords. The whole basis of this book is to play like a pianist with real rhythms. You are taught how to play basic chords but also how to use them with authentic rhythms using both hands. The results sound really great. The best thing about it is that as you progress you also get taught how to read music…  little by little until before you realise it you discover that you are able to play by ear and read music or chord symbols.

Once you have learned the basic principle of these books, the rhythm method for want of a better name you can then progress onto the more advanced books.

There is the Blues book where you learn beginners blues patterns and riffs.

The next book is called Chord Magic. This teaches you how to play the basic chords in different inversions and how to combine them in chord sequences with rhythm that is really superb and has you sounding like a seasoned pianist.

This is then followed by the Advanced Chords book.

By the time you get to the next book, Ballad Style you are really playing like a professional. In this book you learn how to take a melody and improvise around it giving a ballad style to your playing.

The final book is Jazz Piano Made Easy. This is just that, it de-mystifies jazz playing and with some quite simple chord progressions and runs you will be playing authentic sounding Jazz pieces in no time at all.

Each book contains audio and video clips which you can simply click on and they open right there.


The Negatives
The most annoying thing about this course is that the teaching material is all traditional songs and melodies. This is due to the copyright laws prohibiting them from using protected material which leaves only the traditional and anonymous compositions.

The Positives
The whole way of learning using basic chords combined with rhythms has you playing authentic sounding piano right from the start. You can easily start this course if you are at an intermediate level too as it progresses up to quite an advanced level at the end.

The absolute best thing about this course is that it has you playing great sounding piano from the start and enables you to advance extremely quickly.

To Help You Decide
To help you make up your mind you can download a sample page so you can see how the course is laid out and how it works. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in case you are not entirely convinced.

This course I give a definite five star rating. It is my personal favourite and although the look of the books is not as slick as some of the other courses the content, material and teaching method is superb.

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