Piano Basics – Tips on How to Play the Piano

Here is a video I made showing how to play the piano within 10 minutes of sitting at the keyboard.

Learning how to play the piano is something that many people aspire to do. It really is not too complex of an instrument to learn. Almost anyone can learn to play simple songs. Regardless of whether you want to just be able to play simple tunes or complex pieces, when you learn to play the piano you can really benefit from tips and advice to help make the process easier.

Tip#1: Give yourself time.
Learning to play piano requires time. Nobody learns to play overnight. Through practice and time spent going over lessons and what you have learned. You should never be too hard on yourself throughout the learning process.

Tip#2: Play everyday.
You may not feel like playing everyday, but if you take time off you will surely notice it. Your fingers have to get used to playing so much and if you take time off you will feel it in your fingers. Also it is easy to lose skill if you do not practice often. You will find after a few days off that you have to practice even harder to get back up to speed.

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Tip#3: Try learning pieces one hand at a time.
You should start learning a piece with your right hand first. When you can play through the piece well with the right hand then you can add in the left hand. This makes it much easier to learn and play the whole piece.

Tip#4: Train your ear.
A good piano player will have a good ear. This means that you can hear whether notes are correct. To train your ear you can try playing songs that you have heard. This will help you to figure out the right notes and be able to hear when you are playing the right notes. It is a great skill to have when you want to be a good piano player.

Tip #5: Do not forget playing should be fun.
Sometimes it can be too easy to turn playing the piano into work. For the best experience you should always play for fun. Make playing the piano enjoyable always. Do not let yourself think of it as work or something you have to do. Play when you feel like playing. When you do not feel like playing, then just sit down and play whatever you feel like playing. Do not be too rough on yourself. Some days you won’t want to play at all. You may sit down for a few minutes, play some scales and be done. That is fine. Just try your best to make it fun always. Play pieces that you like to help keep it exciting.

These tips are just some helpful advice that will help you to learn how to play the piano. When you take this advice you will be able to make learning the piano much easier. You will find that you struggle less and that you really enjoy the process of learning to play this amazing instrument.


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