There have been a lot of writing to me that have been concerned about being too old to take Piano Lessons For Beginners. People repeatedly inquire how old do you have to be before is becomes too difficult to really get skilled at the piano. This appears to be a regular question for persons over the age of fifteen. There seems to be a widespread misconception that once you get old then it is too late to learn the piano or keyboards.
Well the good

news is that this is false at all and in a number of cases it is in point of fact the contrary of the truth in that the older you are the more efficiently you will allow yourself to be taught.

When very young children are taught how to play the piano the advancement are generally really long-winded and frustrating for them. Regular practice is necessary and it can be really complicated for them remain interested.  The children who take up piano at an early age do not go forward enormously rapidly at first but over time they get better at leaning and soon start to perform and practice without thinking about it and the entire process becomes normal to them.

It is much easier for a teenager to learn piano than a small child. It is a good time to learn the piano whilst in your teens if you can manage to stay to a schedule of practice and attend all of the lessons as it can be simple to become distracted by schoolwork or other projects.

In my opinion, the best time to learn to play the piano or the keyboards is as an adult. You will be able to practice and get good at the instrument a lot better as soon as you have your schooling finished and you have more of a daily schedule established in your life. You will be more motivated as you have chosen to learn the instrument yourself and you will be able to arrange your own practice sessions.. Learning like this is more than likely one of the most significant components to success. As an adult you will be able to see the reasoning behind your lesson plans and your practice sessions which will make you less prone to give up.

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It is becoming ever more popular as of late for elder people to take up the piano. Older people in their 70’s and 80’s are every day taking up the piano and enjoying it immensely. The Delight of learning is what these people are looking for and not so much the objective of becoming competent, though many of them do achieve this even though they have had no prior musical know-how

So to answer the original question, am I too old to learn the piano? then the response has to be a distinct “NO”. You have just as much chance of progressing to a high level of playing if you start to learn the piano as an adult as if you begin as a small child.

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  1. In my musical opinion I believe that no one is ever too old to learn how to play any instrument or any song. anyone’s human capacity is capable of doing anything its just a matter of breaking out of your norm that you’re used to.

  2. hmm….I dunno, I know its an individual thing, but I am 58 and I feel like its one step forward 2 steps back. I am into piano lessons for 8 weeks now. When I was younger, I could plunk out single note or simple chord songs, no music, but now, learning is killing me and it isnt fun. I don’t want to sound negative, but learning it seems to be very hard and very stressful for me. And YES I am a college graduate and retired whats up?

  3. 80+. Has always wanted to play musicale keyboard ,I love music,and where do I find a tutor in my area? Please

  4. Sandy maybe you are expecting too much too quickly – typical of those with degree-level education who learnt to push themselves when they were younger. I am 69 and have been learning the piano with a teacher now for one year. Before this I could not read a note of music. Of course it can be a slog sometimes, and it is fatal to use YouTube and see all these young people playing riffs and runs at 200 bpm. But that is not what it is about – and speed is not alway good. Lots of younger performers are playing Beethoven etc at ridiculous speeds, not realizing that they are losing the musicality of what they are playing. So – don’t give up, take it a note at a time. Above all find a teacher if you want to really progress – mine is 85 and she is so fantastic, she knows what age means. It’s all about the way, not the goal. You never reach the goal anyway, unless you believe in an afterlife. Just making nice sounds on the instrument is the key – just for yourself. As time goes by (excuse the musical pun) you want to play a few more notes, experiment. Do not try to compare yourself, this is not a competition, music is emotion and relaxation. Love it.

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