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This extremely full package has 10 books with embedded video and audio. It teaches you how to play by ear and how to read music. Right from the start you will be playing authentic sounding pieces. Innovative teaching method keeps your interest and has you playing good sounding music in a very short time. The overall presentation of this product is not quite so slick as others but the content is without a doubt superior.

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This course has 7 books with video and audio files included. As well as the teaching manuals there is also a Gospel for beginners book, a Jazz for beginners book, and a pair of books on general piano technique. You get access to a collection of software which includes some learning games and a metronome. The software is for PC or MAC. This Piano for Beginners course is the market leader as far as popularity goes and is probably the best course available containing over a years worth of lessons. Great for complete beginners and intermediate level players alike

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This course recently came on the market and is quite brilliant. At the moment there is a limited $1 trial but I know this is due to end any day soon so hurry to take advantage and try it out.  The course is made up of video lessons with 500+ Song Tutorials (and more added every week). There is Genre specific training so you can learn, Pop, Gospel, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classics etc.
There is also their online support where they have numerous qualified piano teachers on hand to help you should you get stuck.  

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This course is actually a collection of courses and ebooks written by pianist David Yzhaki. There are over 30 hours of training on all aspects of piano playing, from chords to improvisation, blues and even theory.
You will be taught within minutes how to start playing and will be able to play most songs in most styles very quickly with David’s proven methods.

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If you are into music producing and need to get some keyboard skill then this is the course for you. It covers different chord positions, styles and improvisation. There is even a section on songwriting and many exercises you will find helpful if you are trying to produce great music from home.

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All of the products listed here are geared to teaching Piano for Beginners and will take you from beginners level up to intermediate or advanced level. Each product come with a money back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied.

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  1. I just want start with basics of reading piano keys and learn how to play basic melody’s.

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