Harry potter on piano as never heard before

Harry on Harry

Check out this amazing video performance by Harry AKA ‘Harry the piano’

Harry presents himself and then announces that he is going to play the theme tune from harry potter in every style known to man. Well, I must admit, he almost does.

It starts off with a grandiose opening and then begins to sound a little like a silent movie on steroids. Later he goes into a string of other styles from Jazz to classical including ‘a la Chaz and Dave’ (London cockney pub music), a Chopin waltz and even in the style of Michael Jackson.

This performance is brilliant but a bit rough around the edges. It is totally improvised and the cameraman is shouting out ideas for the next style as the recording goes on.

This man is one versatile pianist who obviously dominates his instrument.

See how many different piano styles you can pick out.

You can hear more from Harry at his website harrythepiano.com where you can download his CDs and DVDs or purchase them online. I heard some previews of some of the tracks off his CDs and they are not bad at all. A lot better quality than in the video, obviously well rehearsed, flawlessly performed and studio recorded.