Piano Playing is Child’s Play

See how easy it can be to play the piano?  Even a four year old can do it.

This video on youtube has a lot of mixed comments. There are a lot of people who are saying that it is a fraud or some sort of montage because they simply don’t believe that someone of that age could play the piano so well.  Having worked in video professionally myself I can’t see how this has been falsified but I can understand how they can think this Actually the level of playing is not that high… the performance is obviously flawed but you don’t notice this… such a young and innocent looking person playing such beautiful piano music is such an amazing feat that you don’t even notice the mistakes as much…  it’s like you can forgive them and almost expect them due to his age.

Just remember It’s never too late to learn piano

All in all I think the performance is great, not because of the complexity of the pieces he plays but because of his dedication to the music. He puts himself wholly into the piece he is playing. It’s almost like he is channeling some great piano player.