Piano Tutorial Interface

in action

Whilst searching for piano tutorials to publish on the blog I came across the OnlinePianist.com This is a great resource for pianists of all levels who want to learn how to play actual songs and pieces of music that aren’t just in the public domain.There is an extensive library of songs in many styles with […]

Piano Chord Finding App for smartphones and tablets

I found this pretty cool app for the iphone and ipad which is now also available for android too. Its a piano chord finder so you can take any melody and find the chords to it in a flash. The idea is that you type in to the app the notes of the melody or […]

How To Play All Of The Chords On The Piano

Here is another quick video I made… This one shows you ALL of the major and minor chords and should enable you to play virtually any song you like. https://youtu.be/F5lZvGuAPh0 To learn how to play the piano in the comfort of your own home check out some of the online piano courses available which are […]